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Beware from Scammer : Scam Alerts

Hello I am  announce here that few stupid and scammer try to scam with our Client for this reason He  try to use SIMILAR  Skype adresss like ours

If you want to add me skype click here   


Lets see how to sent me skype request 



Now please look this video and see how to find our real skype id and how to see scammer fake skype id


So lets see how can you  will get real skype adresss :  


Real skype 

Step 1 


You will see in profile name  as : jenifertaller  ( but for add me only click skype logo in my site , dont search and add , Just click icon then add me )


If you are new to our website so you can get our actual skype adress in our website  


Here I have added 1 screen shoot and mark our actual skype adresss . 


In that picture you will see  Our skype adresss is : jenifertaller        Skype Me !CLICK SKYPE

Scammer fake id


Lets see scammer Motherfucker fake id  ( I fuck this mother fucker, His mo/His girlfriend and His sister Every one fuck this mom with your Dog Penis)



Now let me show you how to get actual skype id in skype search for add me .


Now write my skype adresss in skype search option to sent request me 


Now i have write ( cheapvcc ) in search option so just look how many id show here   ????????

Here is Lot of scammer who working for scam with people .

See fake skype :

Now I have write ( cheapvcc.biz)


Now look here is shown 2 skype adressss

1. live:cheapvccs

2. cheapvcc.biz.   ( 2nd id showing cheapvcc.biz.  mean in last work he used fullstop or   dot  .   .

Let see few more scammer adressss : 


      cheapvcc    cheapvcc.biz.  with dot             cheapvccs.co   cheapvccs.biz   cheapvccsupport cheapvccssale  and more you ill see.


so Dear Client Please note we use now 1 skype id . if you we use more we ill announce in our website .


Our official skype adresss is : {   live:cheapvcc.biz        }


How can you will verify which is real First visit our website www.cheapvccs.com then look at up left corner in live chat section here we have added iur both 

chat ids 


ICQ : 682953166


so after check then once you will search in skype then before sent request Please check profile which is  ill be  live:cheapvcc.biz

Once you sent request then you can talk but for more security Please back our website again www.cheapvccs.com then ask me who is talking in skype 


if we il verify here too once you pass then you can deal


AND  before sent manual payment please mail us for confirmation   

Our email id is : cheapvcc.biz@gmail.com
Once we verify and reply you can deal manual
But we prefer to order our website Only
Please note our actual Bitcoin adresss and perfect Money id is 
BTC:   149RaF39CR25wFEYwcWGQvixgWqgM5eTAt
Perfect money : U4650429
Webmoney :z214709967152
We dont take payemnt to another btc adresss and another pm accounts . so I hope you ill be deal with us securely .

For More help Please mail us : cheapvcc.biz@gmail.com


If you want to pay with Skrill then  Please mail us here   cheapvcc.biz@gmail.com we ill reply with our skrll id ( if we accept )


Please see Scammer Skrill id 


Dony pay anyone with this skrill or any payment 


We are telling again we recomand to contact us via email for any kind of manual Payment   Dont pay anyone with fake skype . So If you want to pay or order then Please mail us once we review then we ill sent our payment id or account so mail us : cheapvcc.biz@gmail.com




Payment Options :