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F. A. Q

Please read carefully our all Term and few Most Important Question which below


1. How can Order  virtual credit card ?

ans: You can order directly from Our Store, If you want save your time, Contact with us on live chat for manaul Payment.


2.How can i ill confirm my order ?

ans:If you paid from our store or manauly , Then you need to contact with on live chat or email us here cheapvcc.biz@gmail.com , You must have to provide your order id or Transcation history.


3. How can i get vcc ?


ans: After confirm your payment, We will mail you with your vcc details.


4. How much vcc validaty ?


ans: Our all vcc expiry start from 1 year to 5 years but if you buy vcc for any kind for verification, You have to use between 24 hours.Otherwise your vcc ill be expire , you can not use this .


5.How much validity time for instant paypal vcc?

ans: Instant vcc must have to use short time,  so kindly complete instant verification service on live chat.


6.If vcc not work, then how can get refund or you ill replace vcc?


ans: Yea if vcc not work, Firstly we will replace to you then if not work , we will refund to you . But if any merchant take charged from vcc, we can not refund to you.


7. How can show proff ur vcc not work?


ans: if your vcc not wor, you have to mail screen shoot on our email .


8.How much expire time for Preloaded vcc/ All in one Reloadable vcc ?


ans: Normaly for every Preloaded vcc/ All in one Reloadable vcc expiry time time ill be 1 year but we will give 7 days time for spent your money online.


9. How can i extend my prelaoded vcc validity ?


ans; If you reload on your vcc between 7 days or shotly, then we can extend your time preoid. Also we can give long time with your vcc deposited amount.

For Long time validity , You may contact with us



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